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Biography 個人簡介

Extract from Profiles of  Success Magazine, interview by Kate Richardson

(節錄自Success Magazine)

"When Sandy So arrived in Vancouver from Hong Kong in 1989, she was a single mother, had no sales experience and no Canadian work experience.

Now Sandy owns her own successful real estate business .......... Her volunteer work has earned her a high profile in the community and much gratitude from those she helps.............

Sandy's phenomenal success can be directly attributed to her personal and business philosophies.  Both are firmly rooted in a fundamental optimism.  In business, Sandy believes that it is important to listen, listen, listen; and that there is always a "yes" behind a "no".  Personally, Sandy believes strongly that it is always a blessing to be able to give.  "What you give from the heart to other people will come back to you many times over, both in your personal life and in business" ........

Sandy enjoys real estate because of the opportunity to meet people from different sectors of the community, and to learn every day ............ "

1989 年Sandy 從香港來到溫哥華, 當時她是一個單親母親, 沒有銷售經驗也沒有加拿大工作經驗。 

現在,Sandy擁有成功的房地產業務..... 她為社區所做的志願工作為她贏取了很多讚賞.....。

Sandy的成功可直接歸因於她個人和根深蒂固的企業理念。 在企業中, Sandy 認為聽、聽、聽是非常重要的;並且一個’否‘之後總是有個’是‘的。 Sandy 堅信有能力付出是一種福份, ’無論是在你的個人生活和事業上所得到的回報一定比付出的多.....。

Sandy喜歡房地產, 因為可以有機會認識來自社會不同階層的人, 每天都在學習....。


Sandy's Team

Team Leader                                       Sandy So M.B.A.
Administration / Client Services          Susan Cheng

*Over 26 years experience            *Over 1,800 properites sold

Sandy's Professional Accomplishments & Recognition
  • MLS President's Club - Top 1% of all realtors, Greater Vancouver - 4 years 
  • 4 年 MLS 地產局金牌會員 (首1%)
  • 25 Lifetime Membership of MLS Medallion Club - top 10% of all realtors
  • 25 年 MLS 地產局終身會員 (首10%)
  • Re/Max International Chairman's Club Award
  • Re/Max 國際主席獎 
  • Re/Max International Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Re/Max 國際終身成就獎
  • Re/Max International Hall of Fame Award
  • Re/Max 名人堂獎
  • Re/Max International Platinum Club Award
  • Re/Max 國際白金會獎
  • Member of Institute for Luxury Home Marketing
  • 經銷豪華住宅會員
Sandy's Community Involvements & Achievements
  • Board Member, Richmond Hospital Foundation 2015
  • 2015年列治文醫院基金會董事會成員
  • Governor, BC Children's Hospital Foundation 2013 to present
  • 自2013年卑詩省兒童醫院基金理事長
  • Chair, Real Estate Committee, BC Children's Hospital Foundation 2010 to 2013
  • 2010至 2013年卑詩省兒童醫院基金會房地產委員會主席
  • Board Member, BC Children's Hospital Foundation 2007-2013
  • 2007至 2013年卑詩省兒童醫院基金董事會成員
  • Established Matching Fund for Capital Campaign, BC Children's Hospital Foundation 2007
  • 2007年為卑詩省兒童醫院基金會建立基金
  • Awarded 'Community Care Award' by Re/Max Western Canada 2008
  • 2008年 榮獲 Re/Max 加拿大西部““社區關懷獎”
  • Chair, Planned Gift Committee, Asian Community, B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation 2006-2007
  • 2006至 2007年 卑詩省兒童醫院基金會員禮品計劃委員會主席
  • Member of Circle of Care, BC Children's Hospital since 2000
  • 自2000年 成為卑詩省兒童醫院基金會成員
  • Nominated for Ethel Tibbits Award 2002 Richmond's Woman of the Year for Community Service
  • 2002年 被提名為 Ethel Tibbits Awards 年度列治文社區服務傑出女性
  • Chair, Chinese Canadian Community Telethon, B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation 1999 & 2000
  • 1999和 2000年卑詩省兒童醫院基金華人社區電話籌款委員會主席
  • Established Endowment Fund for Cancer Research under BC Children's Hospital Foundation 2000
  • 2000年成立卑詩省兒童醫院基金會癌症研究基金
  • Samaritan, Covenant House Vancouver since 2000
  • 自2000年支持撒馬利亞 - 溫哥華聖約社 
  • President, Sunbrite Business Association 1996/97 and presided over the largest Chinese New Year Fair at Pacific National Exhibition
  • 1996至1997年 Sunbrite 企業協會總裁, 主持 PNE 最大型年宵展
  • Director, Chinese Entrepreneurs Society of Canada 1996-98
  • 1996至1998年加拿大中國企業家協會主任
  • Chair, Ethnic Business Committee, The Richmond Chamber of Commerce 1993-95
  • 1993至1995年列治文商會董事, 民族企業主席

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